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Reflexology is an effective complementary therapy and apart from inducing extreme relaxation helps with most health problems. If you are suffering from stress, lack of motivation, depression, back pain or any acute or chronic health problems reflexology will be beneficial. Reflexology helps to improve movement and reduce pain in joints including the neck, spine and shoulders. Considerable relief from back pain and frozen shoulder pain has been achieved in one or two sessions. Swollen ankles have responded noticeably to a single treatment.

Shock, worry, grief and feeling unloved all upset our emotional balance and lead to a negative outlook on life which can lower our self esteem and confidence. We experience tension in our body such as head, neck, back and stomach. If the dis-ease persists for long periods we become ill.

Reflexology by Caroline will enable you to experience extreme relaxation by easing tension in your body, some of which you may not be aware of.  You could increase your energy levels and your "feel good factor". Caroline has been treating clients since 2009 with a positive, caring outlook and does her best to impart positivity to her clients along with the reflexology where necessary.  She really loves giving reflexology treatments and the passion shows through according to many of her clients who appreciate that they can also speak about their problems during a session for no extra charge!  

"After a few treatments with Caroline I was stress free and would recommend it to anyone. Caroline gives a first class service. I have tried others and this is the best by far." Dave Keenan from Dunstable March 2012

If your toes or feet feel painful, uncomfortable or you can feel lumps, this could be a sign that other parts of your body are imbalanced and the corresponding reflexes in the feet are affected. It may surprise you to hear this and to know that reflexology could help. Try reflexology - you will be amazed at the difference, not only in how your feet feel. Thickened skin on the feet is frequently because of a problem with the reflex under the hard skin, where the body has produced more skin to protect the reflex because that area of the body has a problem. Therefore it is completely uneccesary to have the skin removed before a reflexology treatment.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is carried out on the feet and lower legs using a special variable pressure massage technique which has a positive effect on the physical body. It works through the central nervous system via the nerve reflexes on the feet. The feet are not the only place these nerve reflexes can be found but are very accessible for treatment. The client is made comfortable in a reclining chair and relaxing music provided to aid the relaxation experience.

Each client has their own story to tell of the benefit they have experienced from reflexology treatment - see Reflexology Testimonials page.

Cost: 90 minutes of reflexology for £50.

Caroline gives you more for your money to achieve the maximum benefit for every client - see reflexology testimonials 

For your day or evening appointment call Caroline on 07977 003 756

A regular 2, 3 or 4 weekly reflexology treatment has real health benefits and an is extreme relaxation for your mind and body. Fortnightly treatment is beneficial for various health conditions.

Do you want mobile reflexology in Tring, reflexology in Berkhamsted, reflexology in Hemel Hempstead, reflexology in Dunstable, reflexology in Leighton Buzzard, reflexology in Harpenden, reflexology in Luton or surrounding areas?

As a sensitive and adaptable reflexologist Caroline tailors her treatment to your individual requirements. She will introduce you to this amazing therapy in a positive way or restore your faith in reflexology as an effective holistic treatment.

Mobile Reflexology treatment from Reflexology by Caroline for health, stress relief and pampering relaxation.

Caroline Henden achieved the ABC Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology having trained with Lena Chandler at the Aquarian School Europe in 2008 and is a fully insured member of the Association of Reflexologists. Caroline has an intuitive approach to reflexology treatment and undertook additonal training in reflexology for women's health, fertility and pregnancy at the Aquarian School and a post-graduate Advanced Spinal Reflexology course under Louise Keet of the London School of Reflexology, thereby adding a new dimension to her treatment. This treatment is also carried out on the feet. She also did Hand Reflexology with Louise Keet in 2012 for those people that do not want or cannot have treatment on their feet.

You can have reflexology as well as medication prescribed by your doctor.  Some doctors are becoming aware of the effectiveness of reflexology and suggest it to patients.

Caroline practices mobile reflexology in Dunstable, mobile reflexology in Leighton Buzzard, reflexology in Hemel Hempstead, reflexology in Berkhamsted, reflexology in Luton, reflexology in Harpenden

Reflexology is a holistic therapy. Before your first treatment you will be asked about your general health and lifestyle. 

You will be treated as an individual, a whole person and not as a set of symptoms.

A symptom is a sign of imbalance in the mind or body. Reflexology aims to find the imbalance in an effort to correct it, so far as possible in each individual case.

Reflexology by Caroline is a pleasant, relaxing specialist foot massage which works by using appropriate pressure on the nerve reflexes that relate to all the organs and body systems.






















































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